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StoneFruit Consulting started as a new found passion for agricultural compliance. After 6 years in the industry it was decided that it was time to go out on my own. 

Sasha Stone

My journey into agriculture started as a simple summer job while in college working for a local orchard. After being there for 6 years, I was promoted to Compliance Supervisor. I slowly came to realize I had a passion for agriculture compliance. This experience gave me expansive knowledge of the area and many industry connections. With much support I opened StoneFruit Consulting. My goal with StoneFruit Consulting to help companies with all levels of food safety, audits and government regulations.
I have a Honors Bachelors of Business Administration with a specialization in Finance. Alongside a one year intensive in Horticulture, I have continued my education and have become certified in HACCP, ISO 9001, GlobalGAP, and as a CanadaGAP auditor. I also have experience with Transport Canada, CFIA Export Program, Safe Food for Canadians Regulation, and as a California Pest Inspector for the Province of BC. My next steps include completing a technical accreditation. When I gain this new certificate, I can become an even greater asset for my clients by keeping them up to date on the latest research and best management strategies for both the environment and financially. While my experience is primarily in Stone Fruit and Pomme Fruit, I have the drive to grow my business to help in both the food & beverage industry alongside all types of agriculture.

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